COVID-19 has attacked the world earlier this year, killing more than 100,000 people in various countries. Since then, various ‘strange’ stories have been heard. However, the chaos is caused by the virus born in Wuhan, China. There are some who are unaware that the virus has spread rapidly throughout the world.

Most recently, a couple who stopped working in 2017 and sailed across the ocean were unaware that the Covid-19 outbreak had hit the world – they only realized the news when they were prevented from landing in the Caribbean.

Elena Manighetti of Lombardy, Italy and Ryan Osborne of Manchester left the Canary Islands at the end of February to sail to St Vincent.

The couple told their family that while traveling they did not want to receive bad news. However, as they approached the Caribbean, they were informed that many islands had closed their borders to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The couple said that as they left the Canary Islands, they were aware of the virus in China but did not expect it to spread worldwide and affect their travel.

After 25 days at sea – with no access to the outside world as they had no cellphone signal – the couple were told that they would not be able to dock at some ports as a result of a lockdown order in some countries.

The first time they learned about the effects of COVID-19 on their journey was when one of the other browsers informed them of the locking order.

Manighetti told the BBC, “In February we heard that there was a virus in China, but with little information we believe that when we arrive in the Caribbean after 25 days, the outbreak will end.

“We told beach people that we didn’t want to hear any bad news.”

Osborne said, “We first wanted to land in one of the French territories in the Caribbean but when we arrived, we found all the borders were closed and the islands closed.”

Manighetti says that since he is a citizen of Italy, the authorities do not want to allow them to land because of the COVID-19 global warming situation in Italy.

However, they were fortunate enough to keep a record of their travels with GPS and they have been able to prove that they have been at sea for 25 days and inadvertently claimed themselves.

The couple was finally allowed to dock and are now in Bequia, Saint Vincent and have been banned from leaving or traveling.

Full story : BBC